Mortgage and taxes

Sep 9, 2009
Question: I always enjoy listening to your comments and hope that you have a moment to settle a discussion a friend and I are having. Is the ...
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A way to make taxes less taxing

Sep 8, 2009
A group of tax experts has a few suggestions for President Obama's tax reform commission, including a form that would make the act of doing taxes a lot less complicated. John Dimsdale reports.
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Retirement savings and taxes

Sep 4, 2009
Question: Hi Chris - my husband and I are in our 50's and trying to plan well for retirement, including how to protect our retirement money from...
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Settlement could unlock bank secrecy

Aug 19, 2009
An agreement reached between the U.S. and Switzerland over secret American accounts held at the Swiss bank UBS may open the way for revelations of tax evasion at other banks. John Dimsdale reports.
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Swiss bank secrecy may be damaged

Aug 17, 2009
Swiss bank UBS will hand over the names of thousands of American clients to settle a tax evasion case. Stephen Beard reports on what this means for Switzerland's bank secrecy.
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Mileage tax may fund new road repairs

Aug 17, 2009
Road repairs are funded though taxes on gas, but as more people buy hybrids, some are worried about what's going to happen to that revenue. Mitchell Hartman reports the search is on for a new method of taxing motorists.
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What will UBS share about tax evaders?

Aug 14, 2009
Reporter Tamara Keith talks with Steve Chiotakis about the settlement between federal prosecutors and UBS regarding Americans that hid billions of dollars in accounts with the Swiss bank.
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Medium-term savings

Aug 11, 2009
Question: I am a 24 year old engineer who has been extremely fortunate in this economic downturn. My wife and I have no college or credit card debt...
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Obama must raise taxes on middle class

Aug 6, 2009
President Obama promised during the election that he would not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000. But commentator Lawrence Haas says the president has to, and likely will, raise taxes on the middle class once the economy recovers.
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IRA withdrawal

Aug 6, 2009
Question: If I borrowed amount $x from my IRA and invest it and make $x + 10% and return $x back into my IRA within the 60 day limit, what is the...
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