New Jersey governor woos Illinois businesses

Jan 27, 2011
In barbed ads, Gov. Christie plays pitchman to lure Illinois firms to New Jersey with a pledge not to raise the state's (already high) taxes.
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Congress works to cut down business paperwork, at the expense of health care

Jan 21, 2011
Attempts to completely overturn health care reform aren't likely to succeed. But business is expected to score one victory in the process: the removal of a regulation that would have greatly expanded tax reporting.
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Geithner meets with corporate executives to discuss streamlining the tax system

Jan 14, 2011
It's been 25 years since the last overhaul of the U.S. code. But some think the economy and the politics are finally aligned for another overhaul. John Dimsdale explains.
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Illinois passes a 66 percent income tax increase

Jan 12, 2011
Illinois state legislators passed a 66 percent income tax increase in an effort to close a $15 billion hole in the state budget. John Dimsdale explains.
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Freakonomics: Should we pay for our trash?

Jan 11, 2011
In the latest edition of Freakonomics Radio, Stephen Dubner talks to Kai Ryssdal about what it might take to get people to throw away less trash.
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Geithner to discuss corporate tax rate with executives

Jan 7, 2011
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is expected to meet with executives to discuss the current business tax rate -- right now, a high 35 percent. It'll be an important discussion, reports David Gura.
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Midday Update: Job numbers, calorie counts, and Romanian witches

Jan 7, 2011
The U.S. Labor Department's jobs report threw us for a loop today. The nation's unemployment rate fell from 9.8 to 9.4 percent today -- the lowest...
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Hard-core tactics backfire

Jan 5, 2011
You think so? The National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson has issued a report saying that the use of "hard-core" collection tactics by the IRS is...
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Taxes: April 15 income tax filing deadline extended

Jan 5, 2011
Uncle Sam is cutting taxpayers a break this year. We still have to pay the man, but we'll get an extra three days to file our returns....
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How perception affects our sense of wealth, and taxes

Dec 25, 2010
How we each individually live our lives often depends on how we see our peers live their lives. For people making $250,000 a year, or the top 2 percent income in the country, that means probably surrounding themselves with even richer people. And that's why there was a debate over taxes, says the New Yorker's James Surowiecki.
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