Washington state wants to tax electric vehicles

Feb 11, 2011
A bill in Washington state would tax electric vehicle drivers for the gas they aren't using to power their cars. As Sarah Gardner reports, it's all about finding new ways to pay for growing budget deficits.
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Tax reminders for April 18

Feb 7, 2011
April 18 is tax day. It isn't all that far away. The folks at Grant Thornton LLP have a couple of reminders on managing the 2010 tax bill smartly....
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Consumer spending may outweigh payroll tax cuts

Feb 3, 2011
Americans are getting a boost in the form of payroll tax cuts, but spending and gas prices may outweigh the impact.
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Some big corporations pay taxes that aren't so high

Feb 2, 2011
New York Times columnist David Leonhardt talks with Bob Moon about the paradox of corporate taxes: why big corporations like Yahoo and General Electric pay taxes that aren't very high, and whether anything can be done about it.
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Tax Day moves to April 18, IRS ditches paper tax forms

Jan 31, 2011
No, April 18th isn't a typo. That's the date income tax returns are due this year....
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The IRS goes geek

Jan 27, 2011
The Internal Revenue Service may have a reputation as a lumbering bureaucracy, but the government agency is embracing smartphones. Yes, you can now...
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New Jersey governor woos Illinois businesses

Jan 27, 2011
In barbed ads, Gov. Christie plays pitchman to lure Illinois firms to New Jersey with a pledge not to raise the state's (already high) taxes.
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Congress works to cut down business paperwork, at the expense of health care

Jan 21, 2011
Attempts to completely overturn health care reform aren't likely to succeed. But business is expected to score one victory in the process: the removal of a regulation that would have greatly expanded tax reporting.
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Geithner meets with corporate executives to discuss streamlining the tax system

Jan 14, 2011
It's been 25 years since the last overhaul of the U.S. code. But some think the economy and the politics are finally aligned for another overhaul. John Dimsdale explains.
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Illinois passes a 66 percent income tax increase

Jan 12, 2011
Illinois state legislators passed a 66 percent income tax increase in an effort to close a $15 billion hole in the state budget. John Dimsdale explains.
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