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Tax time! Got a question?

Mar 4, 2011
Now although I've already done my taxes - yeah I know it's a little out of control - many of you might have lingering questions about your taxes....
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The devastating impact of tax liens

Mar 3, 2011
Here's a disturbing number: The Internal Revenue Service filed liens against 1.1 million taxpayers in fiscal 2010. That's up from 168,000 in 1999....
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Mixed job indicators, changes to home loan requirements

Mar 2, 2011
The U.S. Labor Department releases its monthly jobs report Friday, but other key job indicators give us a sense of what to expect. Job placement...
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The skinny on capital gains

Mar 1, 2011
Investors know that the long-term capital gains tax rate is attractive compared to ordinary income tax rates. But it's easy to get lost in all the...
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Should you be liable for "crash taxes"?

Feb 18, 2011
"Crash taxes" may go by other names, but they're essentially fees for public services like fire department response and clean-up in auto accidents. But who should foot the bill?
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Teeth and taxes

Feb 17, 2011
Scott is a working actor in LA. In 2010, he made about $60K from acting. After shooting a commercial, a client complained that they had to spend ...
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Washington state wants to tax electric vehicles

Feb 11, 2011
A bill in Washington state would tax electric vehicle drivers for the gas they aren't using to power their cars. As Sarah Gardner reports, it's all about finding new ways to pay for growing budget deficits.
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Tax reminders for April 18

Feb 7, 2011
April 18 is tax day. It isn't all that far away. The folks at Grant Thornton LLP have a couple of reminders on managing the 2010 tax bill smartly....
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Consumer spending may outweigh payroll tax cuts

Feb 3, 2011
Americans are getting a boost in the form of payroll tax cuts, but spending and gas prices may outweigh the impact.
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Some big corporations pay taxes that aren't so high

Feb 2, 2011
New York Times columnist David Leonhardt talks with Bob Moon about the paradox of corporate taxes: why big corporations like Yahoo and General Electric pay taxes that aren't very high, and whether anything can be done about it.
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