Syria strike still up in the air

Sep 2, 2013
While a strike against Syria seemed imminent at the start of the weekend, it now looks as though there could be some delay.
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Economic life inside a Syrian refugee camp

Aug 30, 2013
A Syrian refugee camp in Jordan is now the second-largest refugee camp in the world.
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Shutting down the internet as a weapon?

Aug 29, 2013
Should shutting off the internet be used as a weapon against Syria?
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Getting by as a Syrian refugee

Aug 28, 2013
As the crisis deepens in Syria, more refugees are fleeing the country.
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Who is the Syrian Electronic Army?

Aug 28, 2013
After they momentarily took down the New York Times web site and Twitter, the Syrian Electronic Army gained a new notoriety.
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Syria, oil, India, and currency

Aug 28, 2013
With the Syria headlines, the price of oil could become a drag for the U.S. economy and beyond.
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The Syrian Electronic Army strikes again

Aug 28, 2013
The New York Times and Twitter are its latest targets.
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U.S. intervention in Syria likely has a time limit

Aug 27, 2013
President Obama has not made a final decision on military intervention in the country, but senior American officials say that missile strikes could be ordered as early as Thursday.
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Uncertainty over Syrian intervention hits oil markets

Aug 27, 2013
The headlines about Syria are altering the shape of financial markets this morning.
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Syrian Electronic Army hacked U.S. media companies using Outbrain

Aug 16, 2013
The group supporting Bashar al-Assad hacked a service called Outbrain in order to target WaPo, CNN, and Time.
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