The numbers for September 10, 2014

Sep 10, 2014
As Obama preps for action in Syria, here are the numbers we're watching.
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What $500 million buys for the Syrian opposition

Sep 8, 2014
What does that money buy, and how do you know you're not equipping the wrong people?
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Should the U.S. take in more refugees?

Jun 19, 2014
Why accepting more refugees could be a win-win investment for the U.S.
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Syrian aid that hits home

Mar 26, 2014
As the conflict in Syria enters its fourth year, aid groups now work to "bring the conflict home."
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Leaving Syria's war zone to start a new life

Dec 25, 2013
Many Syrians are making new lives in Germany. The excitement and the reality of starting anew.
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A new pitch for humanitarian aid to Syria

Dec 16, 2013
The United Nations is launching its largest appeal ever for humanitarian aid to Syrians.
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Strange new land: A Syrian refugee family arrives in Austria

Oct 29, 2013
The BBC's Matthew Price talks with a family of Syrian refugees who fled Syria in hopes of safety and a better life.
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Nobel Peace Prize awarded to chemical weapons watchdog

Oct 11, 2013
The Nobel Committee's decision highlights the Syrian conflict.
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London's divided Syrians in war of words

Oct 7, 2013
London’s small Syrian community is divided over whether President Bashar al-Assad should stay or go. Pro- and anti-Assad activists sacrifice much to achieve their goals.
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Syrian-Americans find ways to help from afar

Sep 27, 2013
Metro Detroit has one of the nation’s largest and oldest Syrian communities, where ex-pats work to help family and friends back in Syria.
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