Super Bowl


Super Bowl leftovers: This week's Silicon Tally

Feb 7, 2014
30 million views, 31.8 coins, and 5 million times a day ... know what those numbers mean? Must be another Silicon Tally!
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Guacamole wins!

Feb 3, 2014
Americans spend $1 billion on Super Bowl snacks
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When will the Superb owl start?

Jan 31, 2014
What time is the Super Bowl? (The question is asked more frequently than you'd think).
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Marijuana advocates use Super Bowl as advocacy tool

Jan 31, 2014
Both teams in Sunday’s game are from states where marijuana is legal.
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Peyton Manning's New Jersey tax bill

Jan 30, 2014
A financial incentive to win, courtesy of the Garden State
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Super Bowl commercials get their own commercials

Jan 24, 2014
Advertisers are ginning up attention for their spots with teasers long before the big game.
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Cheap seats anything but at the Super Bowl

Jan 20, 2014
Have $2500 to spare? Might we suggest sitting on the last row at the Super Bowl?
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Velveeta cheese, a Kraft Foods product.

Velveeta shortage?!?

Jan 8, 2014
Bloomberg's Venessa Wong talks about how supplies of the famous cheese are melting away just before the nation's busiest dip season.
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Super Bowl tickets hit nosebleed heights

Sep 17, 2013
The NFL has a simple strategy for making more money and competing with secondary ticket brokers at the same time: jack up prices.
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The case of the Super Bowl ring: Kraft says Putin pocketed it

Jun 17, 2013
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Russian President Vladimir Putin have differing stories about what happened to Kraft's Super Bowl ring.
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