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Student loans and a stagnant economy

Aug 12, 2011
Among the most troubling effects of the economic stall and moribund job market is how hard it hits young college graduates. These are the people...
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A private student loan

Aug 11, 2011
Question: I heard you denounce private student loans on the show yesterday (8/10/11), saying (a) they should never be used unless federal student...
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Interest rate savings

Jul 19, 2011
Question: I am fortunate to have paid off all of my undergrad loans, but have taken out significant loans for graduate school, which I just...
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Students loans vs. mutual fund

Jun 22, 2011
Question: My question is about how best to pay down my student loans and whether I should try to pay off some loans with lump sum payments. I have...
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Student loan nation

Apr 7, 2011
Americans are borrowing again. Consumer credit rose at a 3.8% annual rate in February. According to the Federal Reserve "non-revolving" consumer...
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Pay down student loan or wait for forgiveness

Feb 23, 2011
Question: I recently graduated with my Masters Degree and am working as a librarian. I have some substantial student loan debt. I qualify for the...
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Retire student loans with home equity--not

Feb 1, 2011
Question: I have an adjustable rate mortgage with a principal of $255,000; I'm going to refinance to a fixed rate this month and I expect a rate...
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Federal student loans vs. private loans

Dec 28, 2010
Question: I graduated in May with around 60k in student loans split evenly between private and federal loans. I have the ability to pay off...
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Where lending rose and dropped

Dec 7, 2010
And this final note. For all the pronouncements that we'd become better, smarter savers out of the financial crisis, looks like the wallets are out...
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Student loans and tax deduction

Sep 30, 2010
Question: I recently got married and inherited a student loan. Lets say its 22k with 5k of capitalized interest. My understanding is that I can...
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