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College and a refinancing

Oct 31, 2011
Question: I have a question about what term to refinance for given that I have a child that will enter college in about 15 years. If I refinance...
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The student debt band-aid

Oct 26, 2011
President Obama's aid to student borrowers is okay. It will allow graduates to consolidate and reduce the interest rates on their student loans. It...
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Erase student loans?

Oct 10, 2011
College students graduate with thousands of dollars in student loans. So, what would happen if we just eliminated that debt?
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An expensive private student loan

Sep 27, 2011
Question: My husband has a consolidated private student loan of $47,000. Our interest rate is 9% which seems really high for this market. We pay a...
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A good return on investment

Sep 16, 2011
Question: Hello -- My wife and I together have ~$330,000 in student loans from professional school. I have $2,000.00 every month to save / invest /...
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Student loans vs. buying a home

Sep 7, 2011
Question: I currently have $33,000 in student loans at 2.4%APR. I also have $40,000 from stock sales (after taxes)....
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Refinancing and student loans

Aug 30, 2011
Question: My wife and I are planning to refinance to take advantage of today's low rates. We were pleased to see that our home appraised for more...
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Student loans and a stagnant economy

Aug 12, 2011
Among the most troubling effects of the economic stall and moribund job market is how hard it hits young college graduates. These are the people...
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A private student loan

Aug 11, 2011
Question: I heard you denounce private student loans on the show yesterday (8/10/11), saying (a) they should never be used unless federal student...
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Interest rate savings

Jul 19, 2011
Question: I am fortunate to have paid off all of my undergrad loans, but have taken out significant loans for graduate school, which I just...
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