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Stock trading glitch spooks investors again

Aug 2, 2012
Knight Capital’s faulty software sent trading haywire and could sink the brokerage firm. Is technology helping or hurting investor confidence?
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Scott Patterson on the robot infestation of Wall Street

Jun 12, 2012
Machines -- they do such a good job cleaning your dishes, but what about running your stock market? In his new book, Dark Pools, Scott Patterson says that technology on Wall Street has left regulators mystified.
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Dow flying high despite other poor economic indicators

May 2, 2012
The Dow closed near its highest level in about four years yesterday, but how can that be when there are so many other economic indicators recently that don’t look so great?
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STOCK Act becomes law

Apr 4, 2012
Today President Obama will sign the STOCK Act -- short for “Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge.” It says Capitol Hill finally has to follow the same insider trading rules as everybody else.
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SEC cracking down on private Facebook stock trading

Mar 15, 2012
Yesterday, the SEC brought charges against two money managers who allegedly misled and overcharged investors when selling them Facebook stock, before it officially goes public.
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Buffett’s shareholder letter dangles clues

Feb 27, 2012
Warren Buffett says in his annual letter that Berkshire Hathaway has chosen his successor. Many investors care more about his stock advice.
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A little risk in the portfolio could be worth it

Feb 8, 2012
The markets will always have their ups and downs, but Josh Brown of Fusion Analytics thinks the best way to prepare for a long retirement is to keep a little risk in your portfolio, especially as markets are looking up.
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Markets rise on 'surprise and relief'

Feb 8, 2012
With investors feeling emboldened by a strengthening world economy, markets have steadily climbed since October.
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Getting in on the Facebook IPO

Feb 2, 2012
When it goes public, Facebook is likely to be worth $75 billion or more. But, odds are, you aren't getting in on the real action.
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Markets not swayed by big eurozone downgrades

Jan 16, 2012
Countries like France and Austria lost their AAA rating in the last Standard & Poor's downgrade -- so why are the markets relatively flat today?
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