The Job Files: Football Referee

Feb 3, 2006
This installment of The Job Files goes out onto the gridiron with football referee George Grieger.
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Super Detroit

Jan 26, 2006
Business of sports expert David Carter tells host Lisa Napoli what holding the Super Bowl in chilly Detroit could mean for revenues generated from this year's Big Dance.
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I want my ESPN

Jan 20, 2006
Some lawmakers are balking at "family-friendly" packages of TV programming that cable companies and others are offering, because they don't include sports channels. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Happy b-day, NCAA

Jan 6, 2006
The college athletic conference hits the century mark this weekend, and as Rachel Dornhelm reports, the organization is as much about business as it is about sports.
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Football firing squads

Jan 5, 2006
Marketplace host Tess Vigeland talks with our Business of Sports commentator Diana Nyad and gets her take on the recent spate of coach firings in the NFL.
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BCS cash register

Jan 2, 2006
College football's BCS Championship series begins today, and as Ethan Lindsey reports, it's as much about money as it is about football.
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Cooperstown benefits

Dec 30, 2005 editor Michael Knisley reviews the financial implications of joining Baseball's Hall of Fame with host Scott Jagow.
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The clock runs down on ABC / NFL partnership

Dec 23, 2005
The second-longest-running show in primetime television is about to change channels. Monday Night Football started back in 1970 on ABC. Since then, it's become a cultural touchstone, consistently ranking in the top ten during football season -- great for business for both ABC and the NFL. But this coming Monday the New York Jets will play the New England Patriots in the final Monday night game on ABC. Marketplace's Tess Vigeland took a look at the end of an era.
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Olympics 1, Superbowl 0

Dec 16, 2005
Host Scott Jagow talks to business of sports commentator Diana Nyad about the move by Visa and MasterCard to bypass ads on this season's Super Bowl in favor of the Turin Winter Olympics.
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Higher. Faster. More extreme?

Dec 15, 2005
The Winter Olympics are nearly here, and athletes are raking in the endorsement money. As business of sports analyst Ed Derse explained, the big money is going to athletes in the new Olympic sports.
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