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MIDDAY UPDATE: Goldman Sachs to increase transparency, The Onion on TV

Jan 11, 2011
Goldman Sachs is expected to disclose 39 accounting changes geared to make the transactions it handles more transparent. The investment bank said...
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Team owners may luck out in NFL lockout scenario

Jan 5, 2011
As the pro football playoffs kick off, there comes the fear of a NFL lockout next season. Players and owners haven't yet reached a collective bargaining agreement, and now players are saying the owners' deals with TV networks are unfair.
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NASCAR's popularity is stalling

Jan 5, 2011
NASCAR was once considered the fastest growing sport in the country. But in recent years, the racing sport has lost one out of four TV viewers. Is it prime time for a rebound? Adam Allington reports.
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Super Bowl ads sell out may mean more confident companies

Dec 16, 2010
After slow sales for ad spots in past Super Bowls, companies are back with the vengeance. Ad spots have been sold out for months. Marketplace's Jennifer Collins reports.
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Betting your business on the Heat

Dec 9, 2010
The all-star lineup of the Miami Heat hasn't quite lived up to expectations yet, but that doesn't mean sports fans aren't placing big bets on the team. Take this Miami bar owner, who's put his business on the line each time the Heat loses. Phil Latzman reports.
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Dodger owner divorce gets messy, in court and in the clubhouse

Dec 8, 2010
Steve Chiotakis talks with Josh Fisher, who runs about how the divorce of Dodger owners Frank and Jamie McCourt is affecting the team.
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Fighting over the home team

Dec 7, 2010
In the divorce case that'll decide the ownership of the L.A. Dodgers, a judge ruled today that a post-nuptial agreement between Frank and Jamie McCourt is invalid. That means Jamie could have a stake in the baseball team, as she claims. Tess Vigeland goes over the play-by-play of the case with the L.A. Times' Carla Hall.
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Schedule dispute puts Preakness on hold

Dec 2, 2010
The Preakness, the second race in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred horse racing, has been put on hold for next year. The tracks that host the races say they can't afford it. Amy Scott reports.
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Robot sports reporter

Nov 29, 2010
But how does he get grotesquely overweight and suck up to spoiled athletes if he's a robot? I'm sure they're working on that....
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The Greek basketball league, post-debt crisis

Nov 24, 2010
The Greek basketball league would draw American players with fat contracts that included apartments, cars and even having your income taxes paid. Reporter Joanna Kakissis takes a look at the Greek basketball league today.
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