NBA lockout

Feb 19, 2011
The National Basketball Association and its players square off over new contract. Threat of lockout looms.
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Albert Pujols aiming for most expensive contract in baseball

Feb 16, 2011
If he doesn't resign with the St. Louis Cardinals, first baseman Albert Pujols could set off a bidding war to end all wars. Pujols reportedly wants to be baseball's first $300-million-man.
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NFL players play up economic damage of a lockout

Feb 11, 2011
A contract showdown between NFL owners and players is approaching, and a lockout would have wide economic ripples.
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NFL free universe

Feb 7, 2011
Green Bay's win over the Steelers set a television record for viewers. But now the NFL has to deal with another blockbuster: It might not be in business next season.
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Women's sportswear scores big sales

Feb 4, 2011
The women's segment of sportswear and sporting goods is booming right now. The National Football League is among those who have caught up with the trend, just in the time for the big game this weekend.
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Feds pull plug on pirated sports content

Feb 3, 2011
Just days before the Super Bowl, government agents shut down several websites accused of stealing and streaming live sporting events. The content, available through links, includes games from the NFL, NBA, MLB and WWF.
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NFL commissioner to take dollar salary if player talks fail

Jan 27, 2011
The NFL's head honcho Roger Goodell vows to reduce salary from $10 million to $1 if current player negotiations end in a work stoppage. The commissioner's move is the latest instance of a top executive offering to take a dollar salary in the face of adversity. That got us wondering: How did this whole ritual get started?
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Super Bowl viewers will party hard

Jan 26, 2011
Americans are expected to spend more than ever on food, TVs, and other Super Bowl accessories. What it means for advertisers, and for the economy.
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The cost-benefit analysis of football injuries

Jan 26, 2011
The Super Bowl is set between the Steelers and Packers, and football fans across America will soon gather to watch the NFL season's final big hits. But those hits are exactly what some former players and advocates say is wrong with the game. New Yorker Magazine's Ben McGrath explains.
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MIDDAY UPDATE: Goldman Sachs to increase transparency, The Onion on TV

Jan 11, 2011
Goldman Sachs is expected to disclose 39 accounting changes geared to make the transactions it handles more transparent. The investment bank said...
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