Baltimore Grand Prix isn't just risky for drivers

Sep 2, 2011
Baltimore is hosting its first Grand Prix this weekend. Other recent auto racing events around the country haven't sold well.
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NBA players, owners feel economic pinch of lockout

Aug 1, 2011
Players are weighing their foreign options; owners complain of losing money
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NFL deal is good news for TV

Jul 25, 2011
Television networks have a reason to cheer about the end of the NFL lockout.
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Las Vegas could lose millions over NFL lockout

Jul 21, 2011
While the National Football League is stalled by player-owner disagreements, bookies in Las Vegas are set to lose millions of dollars.
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Yao Ming's exit may impact the NBA's second-largest market

Jul 12, 2011
The NBA could be on the verge of losing one of its largest fan bases -- China. The country's favorite basketball player, Yao Ming is set to retire and that would have huge implications for the $2.3 billion market.
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South Korea to host Winter Olympics

Jul 6, 2011
Host cities hope the games will boost their reputation, if not economies, but there are risks.
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What's being fought over in the NBA negotiations

Jun 29, 2011
It's the players versus the owners, and while a lockout looms, there may be an agreement coming soon.
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Freakonomics: When it's good to quit

Jun 28, 2011
Society often considers quitting as failure, but Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner argues we should think more about the upsides to giving up.
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L.A. Dodgers' troubles escalate

Jun 27, 2011
The baseball team's owner, Frank McCourt, filed for bankruptcy protection today. It's just the latest mess for the storied sports franchise this season.
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LA Dodgers file for bankruptcy protection

Jun 27, 2011
The Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court today, and its run-down of top creditors is a who's-who list of playe...
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