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Monitoring your social media

Jan 13, 2012
Have you heard about the Twitters and Facebookies?
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Building a digital legacy for your children

Dec 9, 2011
One father discusses why he bought a digital trust fund for his newborn daughter.
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Tech thoughts on the raid on Zuccotti Park

Nov 15, 2011
Where does the online manifestation go from here?
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Dear Grandson has a Facebook page

Oct 5, 2011
That would be Kim Han-sol, grandson of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il. The 16-year-old has a penchant for kooky hairstyles, wears a diamond...
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The New Facebook and why Netflix split in two

Sep 23, 2011
How important is Facebook's push into digital media? It's huge. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, believes the social network could remake the w...
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Facebook's new face

Sep 22, 2011
Facebook wants to spend more time with you. Deepen the conversation, peer into your soul, hear the story of your life. It wants you to break out...
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Facebook: Making it easy to overshare, again.

Sep 22, 2011
Facebook is reportedly launching a new real-time ticker of everything users read online. And watch. And listen to....
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Massive interactive game turns out to be a gum commercial

Aug 23, 2011
People who believed they were playing an elaborate, online game trying to save the human race, were fooled when it was revealed that what they were...
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Does the world really need another "social networking portal"? Time Warner thinks so.

Aug 4, 2011
Next week Time Warner will launch Flixster Collections, a new, movie-based social networking site. From All Things D: They want Flixster to ...
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