Technology at Davos; Telemedicine in the smartphone age

Jan 23, 2013
At the 43rd annual World Economic Forum in Davos, global leaders are meeting to discuss more than just business and politics. Technology is also on the agenda this year. And telemedicine -- providing medical care over the internet -- takes off in the smartphone age.
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Sen. Al Franken's Location Privacy Protection Act

Dec 20, 2012
Senator Al Franken is pushing for more privacy options when it comes to location data.
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Sprint's Clearwire acquisition could signal move towards data

Dec 17, 2012
To compete with AT&T and Verizon, which have about 70 percent of the market, Sprint needs more spectrum and Clearwire has it.
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Shutting off the Internet in Syria, resisting the smartphone craze, and celebrating Pong at 40

Nov 30, 2012
An Internet and telecom blackout hits Syria, Pew research numbers get to the bottom of why some avoid buying smartphones, and the video game Pong turns 40-years-old.
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BlackBerry hangs on by a keyboard

Oct 12, 2012
Google's Android and Apple's iPhone are vying for number one and two in the smart phone market. BlackBerry comes in third with 11% of the market and 90 million users around the world, but just who are these users?
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What the Apple-Samsung ruling means for you

Aug 26, 2012
Apple's win over Samsung could mean big changes for the smartphone and tablet markets.
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When will all the really, really cool technology actually get here?

Aug 20, 2012
And, a tech reporter gets off the Internet. And becomes way happier.
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Watches thrive even in the smartphone age

Jul 20, 2012
Even as more people use their smartphones as to check the time, watch sales are rising at a healthy clip -- especially on the luxury end
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BlackBerry maker RIM holds annual meeting

Jul 10, 2012
The struggling maker of BlackBerry smartphones, Research in Motion, holds its annual shareholders meeting today outside Toronto in the Canadian town of Waterloo. Shareholders are hoping to hear some reassuring news.
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The mobile Internet economy

May 31, 2012
The troubled Facebook IPO is casting a pall over high tech (wrongly, I think). The signal moment for the emergence of an even larger digital economy wasn't Facebook. It was Apple's iPad. It's the visible symbol of the rapid embrace of wireless data -- video, images, content, data and communication -- throughout the global economy. A safe forecast: The mobile Internet will transform personal finance.
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