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Cyber security attacks can hit smaller businesses, too

May 13, 2011
It's not just the big companies who can suffer a security breach -- cyber thieves can attack small or mid-size businesses and cost a lot of damage.
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Small business owners tussle with health care reform decisions

Apr 25, 2011
Small business owners across the country are trying to figure out their best financial options in how to provide their employees with health insurance, come the health care reform mandates in 2014.
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Being cautious in the face of opportunity

Apr 1, 2011
Susanna Wilson, the 70-year-old dressmaker interviewed for our series, Money Through the Ages, says she was overwhelmed by orders from listeners who heard her story of living without retirement. Now she gets advice on managing a growing business.
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With Egyptian democracy -- uncertainty and hope

Mar 2, 2011
In post-Mubarak Egypt, there's a risk that investors will fear jumping in immediately, but in the longer term, a democratic bonanza may arrive.
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Michigan city hopes for downtown resurgence

Feb 24, 2011
Pontiac, Mich., is re-populating some of its empty storefronts thanks to a local development committee.
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President Obama asks Chamber of Commerce to hire

Feb 7, 2011
In exchange, the president offered American businesses a deal: Incentives like tax breaks, better infrastructure, and trade deals. But economists say it's not that simple.
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The power of a thank you note

Feb 5, 2011
It may seem old fashioned, but a showing of gratitude can go a long way for businesses.
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New Small Business Administration rules help women

Feb 5, 2011
Agencies have to set aside some contracts up to $3 million for businesses that are majority-owned by women. The question is how that verification will be handled.
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Can't get a job, start a business

Feb 4, 2011
The story of one family that traded unemployment for entrepreneurship. These 'rebound entrepreneurs' took a page out of history, literally, to stake their future on a new magazine.
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Creative businesses not snowed under

Feb 2, 2011
Many retail businesses -- particularly restaurants -- hope to avoid empty stores by offering snow day deals through social media and e-mail.
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