A solar powered ... tent?

Nov 26, 2004
On this biggest shopping day of the year, shoppers are buying up electronics, clothes - and maybe some outdoor gear. One item that may hit the shelves in a few years could offer the comforts of home in the wild. Joyce Russell looks into the solar tent.
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"Hey you have a great ... bio!"

Nov 25, 2004
The Internet dating industry is doing very well these days, eager to match willing singles with that special someone. A lot of folks don't get past looking at pictures and personal bios online. But if your effort is to be a success, sooner or later, you'll have to meet someone. Preferably in public. And who knows - if you're at the International Internet Dating Convention in San Francisco, you might just bump into a guy like our own Cash Peters.
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TiVo changes the channel ...

Nov 17, 2004
You've heard of TiVo - the digital TV recording box. The company promises that its gadget will change the way you watch television. For most users that means getting to skip commercials. This feature has the TV industry scared. And so recently, Tivo has been working with broadcasters. As Marketplace's Ethan Lindsey reports, some users may feel a little betrayed.
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The new video frontier

Nov 9, 2004
Microsoft expects $100 million in revenue today from sales of one video game title - 'Halo 2.' Host David Brown talks to author Mitchell Wade about the video game industry and how first person shooter games will change workplace dynamics for the next generation of employees.
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Patents - just patents

Nov 8, 2004
A Texas-based company owns the patent for a picture-viewing technology on personal computers. The technology wasn't a big deal with they patented it, but is now the Internet's standard for compressing images. Now the company wants to cash in. From Austin, Larry Schooler reports...
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The Internet makes it in prime time

Nov 2, 2004
There are fears that even at the end of the day tomorrow, the presidential contest will be too close to call. But one thing is already certain - the Internet played a fundamental role in this election. Futurist Andrew Zolli and Marketplace host David Brown discuss the imminent growth of Net-centric politics.
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A Vioxx cover-up?

Nov 1, 2004
There's evidence Merck has long been aware that Vioxx is linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke, but the company used the research in its favor. Will the spin create bigger liability headaches when the drugmaker goes to court? From the Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer reports.
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Cellular options

Oct 25, 2004
As the traditional phone companies scramble to make up for lost business, wireless carriers continue to count the dollars as people invent new ways to use their phones. As Marketplace's Lisa Napoli explains, ringtones have grown into a chart-topping business.
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The new pill pitch

Oct 21, 2004
Women who take the birth control Pill get a warning: it could have adverse effects in other areas of their health. Well today scientists with the Women's Health Initiative -- the biggest study ever done on oral contraceptives -- reversed decades of research and said in fact the Pill could have beneficial health effects beyond preventing pregnancy. Our health reporter Helen Palmer joins us with the details.
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The robot world

Oct 20, 2004
The Jetsons had Rosie, the mechanical housekeeper. You may have seen or used those Roombas... the robot vacuum that tidies up while you're away. The United Nations tells us robots are going to become a bigger and bigger part of our home lives. We recharged Marty Goldensohn so he could bring us this report.
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