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The search engine wars

May 1, 2006
Google is complaining about Microsoft's new Web browser and its default search tool, saying the business strategy is similar to how Microsoft dealt with its Media Player technology — and that ended up in court. Bob Moon reports.
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Call it a space journey

Apr 26, 2006
Russians are making all the runs to the International Space Station because the US space shuttle is still grounded. Congress is hammering out next year's federal budget and a Senate committee spent the day taking a long hard look at NASA. Amy Scott reports.
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Budding interest in seed technology

Mar 20, 2006
A United Nations-funded group begins talks on biodiversity this week in Brazil. One topic on the agenda has US seed companies interested: a possible moratorium on the testing or sale of sterile seed technology. Janet Babin reports.
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Big marketing opportunity: animal names

Mar 14, 2006
A few days ago, scientists discovered a new species of animal in the Pacific that looks like a hairy lobster. Researchers named it Kiwa hirsuta. They also blew a golden chance to make some money, says commentator Natasha Loder.
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Dropping hints

Mar 7, 2006
New theories about how bird flu spreads abound. Marketplace's Helen Palmer reports on the latest suggestion that fertilizer, not migrating birds, is to blame.
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Stem cell program lawsuit

Feb 27, 2006
California's voter-approved plan to fund stem cell research goes on trial today. The lawsuit alleges that the program is unconstitutional because it's not under the exclusive control of the state. The case may set a legal precedent for the future of stem cell funding. Janet Babin reports.
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Stem cell trial

Feb 27, 2006
Today court proceedings begin in the dispute over whether the State of California can spend $3 billion in taxpayer money to fund stem cell research. Rachel Dornhelm has more.
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New chromium regulations

Feb 27, 2006
Just as federal regulators are preparing new standards for chromium exposures, a new report charges the industry withheld data about chromium's health risks. Sam Eaton looks at the possible financial fallout.
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Lawmakers take up the budget

Feb 7, 2006
Today, President Bush's budget proposal lands in Congress, where both the House and Senate have scheduled committee hearings to consider it. Eric Niiler has more on how the debate over the President's spending priorities is shaping up.
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Universal flu vaccine

Jan 16, 2006
Helen Palmer reports on the race among drug companies to find a universal flu vaccine to treat a possible outbreak of avian flu.
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