Chips that think and learn

Aug 18, 2011
Here's a term you might want to learn: "neurosynaptic core". It's going to be a good term to know when the Matrix is officially installed....
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NASA to report on impact of sun flares

Aug 18, 2011
Solar flares are unpredictable, but expected to increase in frequency over the next five years. If the explosions get close enough, they can disrupt the power grid here on earth
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Aug 10, 2011
The frontman of the musical group Black Eyed Peas also happens to be the director of creative innovation at Intel. And this Sunday, he hopes to shed light on a foundation teaching young people about science and innovation
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The biggest series of cyber attacks in history

Aug 3, 2011
Computer security firm McAfee claims that more than 70 groups, including the U.S. government and the International Olympic committee, have had confidential data stolen during a five-year cyber attack campaign by a single organization
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Labor too expensive? Get a robot

Aug 2, 2011
Chinese factory owner Foxconn assembles iPads and iPhones and has now announced that in the next few years it will replace a portion of its workforce -- with robots.
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Prosthetic limbs gain sophistication

Jul 25, 2011
A small Scottish company, Touch Bionics, is a big player in the world of advanced prosthetics. Its versatile artificial hand is winning praise.
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Russia hopes to fill the gap in space travel

Jul 20, 2011
As NASA ends space shuttle flights, Russia seeks to fill the gap left by the 30-year-old American program. But Russia has a long way to go.
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Study says the Internet is changing how we remember things

Jul 15, 2011
A study shows how the Internet is bad for us that finds people are more likely to remember where they found info as opposed to what information...
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Robots AND pirates together in one blog item

Jul 14, 2011
It's tough to do your job if it entails sailing to the Indian Ocean for research. That's what climate scientists found out while trying to conduct...
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