U.S. Marines go green in Afghanistan

Oct 8, 2010
The war in Afghanistan has cost a lot of lives and money. In an effort to save both, Company I of the Third Battalion, Fifth Marines is conducting an experiment using renewable energy technology like solar panels and LED lights, and training Marines to operate it. The idea is to cut back on the the risk and expense of transporting fossil fuels across Afghanistan.
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The big business of fertility

Oct 4, 2010
The 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine went to the scientist who developed in vitro fertilization. Marketplace's Steve Henn took a look at the multi-billion dollar industry the scientific discovery spawned.
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Nano-car may change chemotherapy

Sep 20, 2010
The nano vehicle is full of chemotherapy drugs. It drives straight into cancer cells and releases the payload -- doesn't react and release chemo...
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Bronado is the new Double Rainbow

Sep 17, 2010
There was some heavy weather in Brooklyn yesterday. A tornado? A funnel cloud?...
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Sep 17, 2010
As if we didn't have enough to worry about with the robots, now we gotta worry about rapidly smartifying crows. We've known for a while that crows...
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102.5 mpg vehicle wins the X Prize

Sep 16, 2010
Yes yes, but does it have cup holders?
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White space spectrum to be made available by FCC

Sep 13, 2010
It's a complicated issue to explain but in short: when the switch to digital television happened, there were parts of the spectrum that were no...
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Wi-fi on steroids

Sep 13, 2010
The FCC is set to approve use of unlicensed bandwidth for wireless use. Turns out there's all this room on the spectrum and it can be used to make...
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Unmanned vehicle market looks to grow

Aug 27, 2010
American troops are leaving Iraq, but its robots are not. The Army said unmanned aircraft flights over Iraq are increasing. That's good news for the people who make unmanned vehicles -- many of them gathering in Denver to show off their products. Zachary Barr reports.
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Judge blocks stem cell research funding

Aug 24, 2010
A U.S. district judge has put a hold on federal funding for stem cell research involving human embryos. Reporter Amy Scott talks with Bob Moon about how that decision might affect stem cell research that's currently going on.
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