Defense Department invests in flying snake research

Nov 23, 2010
At least five species of snake from the genus Chrysolopea in Asia are able to fly. Sort of....
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Oh and also scientists may have begun to unlock the secrets of the formation of the universe

Nov 19, 2010
Not as important as a new iPad, I know, but we do what we can. Scientists at Cern, the nuclear research facility in Europe, are the first to have...
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New research on Stuxnet shows it was likely meant to disrupt nuclear facility

Nov 16, 2010
In an updated version of its analysis of the Stuxnet worm that caused major problems for Iran's nuclear plant earlier this year, Symantec finds...
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Kinect 3D camera hack will make your brain all twisty.

Nov 15, 2010
Kinect hacked into 3D camera...
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Kitty research could offer insight to Gulf oil spill cleanup

Nov 12, 2010
Have you ever watched your kitty drink her milk, and wondered, "How does that work?" A team of scientists asked that question, and the answer could hold the key to clean-up efforts in the Gulf.
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Tetris and PTSD

Nov 12, 2010
In a new study from Oxford University, test subjects were shown a film containing images of injuries and death....
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Bracelet may help communication for people with autism

Nov 9, 2010
For people with autism, communication can be a struggle, one that can seem insurmountable. But a team of researchers at MIT may have come up with a fairly simple solution: a bracelet. The Q Sensor wristband can provide a window into how the wearer is feeling at a given time.
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Video games are revolutionizing computation chemistry

Nov 9, 2010
A new report finds that the high powered graphics processing units GPUs now in video games - the hardware that gives gamers 3-D images and other...
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ZeuS is trickier still, eviller still

Nov 5, 2010
The evil genius malware is trying a new technique to thwart the researchers who are going after it. Bad guys are setting up fake interfaces in the...
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Holographic telepresence

Nov 4, 2010
The idea of projecting and seeing a 3D holographic image - without horrible 3D goggles - just got a whole lot closer to reality thanks to...
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