What good is technology if it can't get you tickets to Dancing with the Stars and The Boss?

Nov 19, 2010
On Thursday, the US Department of Justice announced the latest in the case of the CAPTCHA ticket snatchers. Three men have pleaded guilty on...
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529 college savings plan for relative

Apr 1, 2010
Question: I want to open a 529 account for my nephew (who's turning one next week) and contribute to it. Can I do so? Or only my nephew's parents...
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Selling timeshare

Feb 10, 2010
Question: We have a timeshare that we would like to sell. What is the best method for selling a timeshare? There are many web sites advertising...
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Online broker and safety

Jan 4, 2010
Question: You give great advice, Chris. Is it safe to open a Roth IRA with a well-known online broker? I need to put my money to work following a...
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IRS Email

Jan 25, 2008
Question: This e-mail appeared in my in-box and I want to verify whether or not it's legitimate. The language seems off and I don't know any reason...
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