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A woman rests along the road traveled by some of the hundred of thousands of Rwandan refugees in 1996 who were returning to their homeland from Zairean camps.

The fog of war slowly lifts in the Congo

Dec 9, 2014
People lost everything when war swept across the Congo. But they're rebuilding.
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The path of recovery from a violent past

Dec 9, 2014
Many women were victims of sexual violence during the Congo wars.
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A young militia fighter appears from the bush in 2006 in the Ituri region of the Congo.

Former child soldiers find rehabilitation a hard road

Dec 9, 2014
Programs to rehabilitate child soldiers in Congo have mixed records.
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Heaven in Rwanda

Nov 25, 2013
Josh Roxin and his wife Alissa moved to Rwanda for health and development, but opened a restaurant instead.
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