Firms show caution in Russian investing

Jul 6, 2009
As President Obama met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, executives from Pepsi, Boeing and other U.S. companies announced new investments in Russia. Jeremy Hobson reports why some companies are still cautious about investing.
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U.S.-Russia trade not booming

Jul 6, 2009
President Obama's first visit to Russia will focus on trade between the two superpowers. But a close look at current trading relations between the countries shows there's not a whole lot going on. Steve Henn reports.
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BRIC group challenges U.S. dominance

Jun 16, 2009
The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, and China are holding their first BRIC group summit today. The countries' leaders are united in a common goal of playing a bigger part in global bodies. Stephen Beard reports.
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Exploring cause of satellite collision

Feb 12, 2009
Commercial satellite companies are assessing the impact of a collision in space where a Russian craft destroyed an American communications satellite. Stephen Beard reports on the need to monitor space junk.
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Russia, Ukraine work out pipeline kinks

Jan 20, 2009
Russia began pumping natural gas again, ending a two-week streak where 20 countries in the continent lost supplies. A contract with Ukraine helped patch up the issue, but not bruised reputations. Stephen Beard reports.
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E.U. steps into Gazprom dispute

Jan 7, 2009
The European Commission says the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine is unacceptable. Officials from the two countries and the E.U. will meet to work through the issue. Steve Chiotakis talks to Stephen Beard in London.
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Europe struggles to tap Russian gas

Jan 6, 2009
Europe is caught on the losing end of the gas dispute between Russia and the Ukraine. But while politics play a role in the squabble, money may be the main concern. Scott Jagow talks to Stephen Beard in London.
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Russia, Ukraine dispute over pipeline

Jan 5, 2009
A dispute between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas is hurting supplies to other European countries. Russia is accusing Ukrainians of stealing gas, while the Ukraine blames faulty piping. Stephen Beard reports.
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The rise and fall of Gazprom

Dec 30, 2008
Russian natural gas giant Gazprom thrived in the first half of the year, but fell sharply from July on. Stephen Beard reports Gazprom's year ahead is looking grim.
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Russia faces deficit on down ruble

Oct 24, 2008
With the price of oil and gas plummeting, Russia's once bulging budget could be heading for a deficit. Megan Williams reports half the country's income is from oil, and production is dropping along with price.
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