Russia faces deficit on down ruble

Oct 24, 2008
With the price of oil and gas plummeting, Russia's once bulging budget could be heading for a deficit. Megan Williams reports half the country's income is from oil, and production is dropping along with price.
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Russia, OPEC explore oil solutions

Oct 23, 2008
Russia met with OPEC to discuss ways of leveling out the cost of oil, as oil is now so low it could make production and investment unprofitable. Megan Williams reports it's unlikely Russia would agree to cut production.
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East Europe attracting U.S. companies

Sep 10, 2008
Azerbaijan, Albania and Belarus are among countries rated high for regulatory reforms that are favorable to American corporations looking to get away from U.S. rules. John Dimsdale reports.
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U.S. cancels nuke deal to punish Russia

Sep 8, 2008
The White House has pulled a nuclear cooperation deal with Russia back from Congress. The cancellation means Russia will lose billions in potential profits. Some American companies aren't too happy, either. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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BP settles TNK dispute with Russians

Sep 4, 2008
British Petroleum and its billionaire Russian partners in Russian oil company TNK have settled a long-running dispute. The deal includes removal of CEO Robert Dudley as CEO. Brett Neely has more.
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China tries straddling fence with Russia

Aug 28, 2008
At a six-way security meeting in Central Asia with Russian and Chinese participants today, Russia's invasion of Georgia got tepid support from four of its Asian allies -- leaving China stuck in the middle. Scott Tong reports.
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Putin says Russia may drop WTO goal

Aug 25, 2008
Despite Russia's decade-and-a-half of negotiations to enter the World Trade Organization, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin now says his country won't benefit from joining the WTO and might back away from promises it's made. Stephen Beard reports.
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Investors pull money from Russia

Aug 22, 2008
Foreign investors have pulled billions of dollars out of Russia in response to its invasion of Georgia. Official figures show the sharpest fall in the country's foreign currency reserves for a decade. Stephen Beard reports.
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NATO and Russia in war of words

Aug 19, 2008
NATO wagged a finger at Russia today, warning that the invasion of Georgia was jeopardizing Russia's relationship with NATO. Russia's response was stern. From London, Steven Beard has the story.
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Russia steels way into U.S. industry

Aug 13, 2008
A Russian company is taking over a large Ohio-based pipe and tube manufacturer in one of the biggest steel industry deals this year. Stephen Beard reports Russian steel makers now have a big U.S. presence.
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