Russian petro-confidence seen in war

Aug 11, 2008
How will the war in Georgia affect Europe, which gets 25 percent of its oil from Russia? Host Kai Ryssdal turns to a European and Eurasian expert to find out.
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Anything in the pipeline for Russian oil?

Jul 17, 2008
You may not hear a lot about it, but Russia is second only to Saudi Arabia in oil production. And, as Russia analyst Nicholas Redman tells Kai Ryssdal, it may have a greater potential for growth.
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The new Cold War?

How I learned to stop worrying and love the global economy: Ukraine, Russia, and the United States and the perils and promise of a globalized economy. Is this the new Cold War or not? Why is this affecting so many people in so many ways? According to Russia's Putin, "I think in the modern world, when everything is so interconnected and everyone depends on everyone else in one way or another, it's of course possible to do some damage to one another, but it will be mutual damage."

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