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In the future, you'll take medicine without taking medicine

Feb 17, 2012
Scientists working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have successfully tested a system to deliver medicine into a patient's body thought an implanted chip.
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Facebook goes public and faces new accountability

Feb 2, 2012
So how does a publicly held Facebook act different than a privately held one? Also, crazy hummingbird robots fly in formation!
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The era of experts is over

Jan 3, 2012
Get ready for the hive mind. A new book explores the future of collaborative knowledge, where networks become more significant than singular experts.
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New Facebook feature lets you exist at all moments in your life simultaneously

Dec 16, 2011
At first glance, Facebook's Timeline feature just seems to be another in a long series of redesign elements. But upon examination, it reveals itself to be a fundamental shift in how you present yourself to the world.
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ROBOT ROUNDUP: Videos of the bots in action

Dec 15, 2011
Now I don't have to describe them
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