New rules proposed for 401(k)s

Dec 13, 2007
About 50 million of us contribute to 401(k)s. But returns can vary widely, in part because of the fees we pay to plan administrators. Today the Labor Department proposed some new rules. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Seniors becoming old hands at Wii

Dec 11, 2007
Still looking for a Nintendo Wii game console? Good luck. Because you just might have to fight your grandmother to get one. Jennifer Collins reports.
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Higher taxes won't save Social Security

Nov 2, 2007
Democratic presidential candidates are calling for a tax increase to fund Social Security for retiring baby-boomers. But commentator Glenn Hubbard argues that proposal doesn't get to the heart of the problem.
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Marketplace Money Mailbag

Oct 19, 2007
Chris Farrell answers listener questions about advising a son on his mother's finances, investing in frontier markets, and what to do with a 401k after you've left a company.
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Will Social Security explode?

Oct 18, 2007
The first of 76 million baby boomers filed for Social Security this week. But economics correspondent Chris Farrell says there's no need to worry about a system overload. He talks to Scott Jagow.
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No money for us, no money for you

Oct 16, 2007
Public pension fund CalPERS is considering a plan to pay fund managers only if they perform well. If they don't beat certain benchmarks, they'll make nothing. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Educating Rico: The Roth IRA

Oct 13, 2007
Reporter Rico Gagliano takes on something that's supposed to be pretty basic but finds that sometimes things aren't as easy as they seem -- like, cooking rice.
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Marketplace Money Mailbag

Oct 13, 2007
Chris Farrell answers your questions about helping a troubled homeowner cope with an adjusting mortgage, sorting the confusion of 529 plans, and what to do with a real estate inheritance.
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Cracking 401k could leave you broke

Oct 13, 2007
Many people are messing up their plans for financial freedom by borrowing from their 401k's. Tess Vigeland talks to Rick Meigs of the 401k Help Center about this growing trend.
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Retirees, watch out for the 'free lunch'

Sep 14, 2007
If there's one thing retirees can count on these days, it's offers of a free lunch -- and seniors are falling victim to the scam. To find out more about these free-lunch seminars, Tess talked with Patricia Struck, a securities regulator for the state of Wisconsin.
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