Confidence about retirement security low

Mar 18, 2011
Americans are more pessimistic than ever about their prospects for a comfortable retirement, according to a new survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer explains why.
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Future retirees beware: Biased investment advice

Mar 11, 2011
Tess Vigeland talks to Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary about what people should be aware of when they receive advice on their 401(k) plans.
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Helping seniors downsize their belongings

Mar 10, 2011
After decades of living, you end up with a lot of stuff. "Senior movers" help confront the mess when seniors decide to downsize and move to a smaller home or a senior living community.
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What is my "number"?

Mar 7, 2011
Question: Please - some guidance on how to 'run the numbers' to determine whether or not I can afford to retire. What figures need to be considered...
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Pensions or 401(k)s: Which is better?

Mar 4, 2011
Are you one of the few that still have a pension? Lucky you! More and more companies are ending pensions are opting for 401(k)-style plans and that isn't the greatest news for many.
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Democrats flee Wisconsin to avoid union vote

Feb 18, 2011
Republicans in Wisconsin plan to cut collective bargaining powers for unions. But Democratic legislators have cleared out of the state to stop the vote.
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The "real" mistake with early retirement

Feb 11, 2011
We get many emails from people pouring money into their mortgage and savings as much as they can. Their goal is to retire early. It's financial...
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A troublesome brew: IRAs, speculators and real estate

Feb 9, 2011
Did you know that you can buy a house with an IRA? You can if it's a so-called self-directed IRA. Equity Trust, an Ohio-based custodian of self...
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Getting Personal: Your net worth, money management 101

Feb 3, 2011
Tess Vigeland and MSN personal finance columnist Liz Weston answer your questions about determining your personal net worth, how to teach someone money management and whether a 529 plan is too risky or conservative.
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The big money challenge: The last stage of life

Feb 2, 2011
Imagine. You've paid off your student loans. You bought a house. You put the kids through college. "But many 50-somethings think the biggest...
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