Retirees need to save, too

Jul 12, 2011
The economic news has been bleak for retirees and near-retirees over the past decade: Two recessions and two bear markets. The Standard & Poor...
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Workers are saving less in auto-enrollment 401(k) programs

Jul 7, 2011
An analysis shows that the default saving percentage in auto-enrollment 401(k) programs isn't the best for everyone.
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Preparing for early retirement

Jul 6, 2011
Question: Hello, I am e-mailing to get advice on my Mother's upcoming retirement. She is 53 and has worked at Publix Supermarkets which is a...
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GAO to future retirees: Forget the Golden Years

Jul 5, 2011
Comedian George Burns used to get a laugh saying, "Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed." Well, for too many future retirees it isn...
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The future of retirement: Save more, work longer

Jun 16, 2011
As the entitlement landscape continues to change in America, Chris Farrell explains that the future of retirement is no longer mobile homes and sunny vacation spots. It's an older employment base with smaller budgets as Americans work longer and save more.
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A failing retirement system

Jun 7, 2011
It's well known that many aging boomers haven't saved enough for retirement. For instance, the consultants at McKinsey & Co. estimate the...
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Talking to your parents about their money

Jun 3, 2011
It's hard to talk to people about how they manage their money, especially your own parents. Learn some tips on how to start talking to aging parents about their finances and what information you should get from them.
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Working and saving in retirement

May 26, 2011
Question: I will retire at the end of this year but my intentions are to work somewhere else full-time and invest that entire paycheck in something...
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The pall over retirement

May 16, 2011
The economy weighs on retirees and anyone planning for their retirement. It isn't all that surprising considering we've struggled through five...
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When bond yields go up, bond prices go down

May 12, 2011
Question: My dad is now 80 years old but still is working full time concerned that he does not have enough money saved for retirement. In reality,...
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