Talking to your parents about their money

Jun 3, 2011
It's hard to talk to people about how they manage their money, especially your own parents. Learn some tips on how to start talking to aging parents about their finances and what information you should get from them.
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Working and saving in retirement

May 26, 2011
Question: I will retire at the end of this year but my intentions are to work somewhere else full-time and invest that entire paycheck in something...
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The pall over retirement

May 16, 2011
The economy weighs on retirees and anyone planning for their retirement. It isn't all that surprising considering we've struggled through five...
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When bond yields go up, bond prices go down

May 12, 2011
Question: My dad is now 80 years old but still is working full time concerned that he does not have enough money saved for retirement. In reality,...
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Contract uncertainty prods public employees to retire early

Apr 28, 2011
Efforts in many states to roll back collective bargaining rights for public employees raise concerns that agreed-upon pension benefits could be changed. Many employees are opting to retire early as a result.
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The misleading 70% rule of thumb

Apr 22, 2011
Financial rules of thumb are often useful. You have to start somewhere. Rule of thumb also evolve. For instance, it used to be standard advice to...
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The retirement market crawls back

Apr 13, 2011
The number is impressive: $17.5 trillion. That's the total of U.S. retirement assets, according to the Investment Company Institute, a Washington D...
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Being cautious in the face of opportunity

Apr 1, 2011
Susanna Wilson, the 70-year-old dressmaker interviewed for our series, Money Through the Ages, says she was overwhelmed by orders from listeners who heard her story of living without retirement. Now she gets advice on managing a growing business.
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A big money decision before retirement

Mar 25, 2011
Most people want to kick back and relax in their 60s, but Tess Vigeland and the New York Times' Tara Siegel Bernard about one couple who are considering investing in and running a motel, instead of retiring.
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What to do when you haven't saved enough for your 70s

Mar 25, 2011
The 70s are often when people are sitting back and enjoying the fruits of decades of labor. But many older Americans haven't saved enough for their golden years and are barely clinging on.
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