What about an immediate annuity

Oct 5, 2011
Question: I am 64 years old and have recently retired. I plan to defer taking Social Security as long as possible as I currently do not need the...
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U.S. pension liabilities could grow

Sep 20, 2011
This week, the Federal Reserve might say it'll push long-term interest rates even lower. That means U.S. pension funds could make even less than they already are.
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Retirement at risk

Aug 31, 2011
Saving for retirement is hard, especially for younger workers just starting out on their careers and their low-income peers. Wages are stagnant and...
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Low interest rates bad for savers

Aug 12, 2011
The Great Recession shocked many Americans into saving more money, but unfortunately, they aren't getting much of a return on those savings.
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Social Security, by the generations

Jul 22, 2011
Reporter Nancy Marshall Genzer looks at what role Social Security will have for the different generations of her own family.
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Retiring in an emerging market

Jul 21, 2011
For a number of near-retirees the prospect of moving overseas after saying goodbye to workmates for the last time is alluring....
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Money, retirement and singles

Jul 14, 2011
How are Americans doing when it comes to being financially prepared for retirement? Lately, the answer seems to be, not well....
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Delaying Social Security

Jul 13, 2011
Question: My wife will be entering retirement in about a year at 64 1/2 and I will follow soon after. We have about 200k in Roths, 500k in taxable...
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Retirees need to save, too

Jul 12, 2011
The economic news has been bleak for retirees and near-retirees over the past decade: Two recessions and two bear markets. The Standard & Poor...
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Workers are saving less in auto-enrollment 401(k) programs

Jul 7, 2011
An analysis shows that the default saving percentage in auto-enrollment 401(k) programs isn't the best for everyone.
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