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Time to finally buy a home?

Apr 19, 2011
Question: I am in my mid-50s and have never owned a home just rented, to the amount of about $125K+ in rent since 1997. As I am in the arts, I have...
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Don't mix tax-exempts and tax shelters

Apr 6, 2011
Question: I just turned 57 and plan on retiring in exactly 4 years. If I can get a 3.5% return on my 401K, IRA and brokerage account and combine it...
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Starting to gear up for retirement

Apr 5, 2011
Question: I will be 60 in August. I am single and financially independent. I have been teaching for over 20 years in a graduate-level program,...
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Fargo, Pittsburgh make "Best Retirement Places" list

Mar 25, 2011
When considering places to retire to, one usually thinks of warmer climates -- like Florida and Arizona. Not Nebraska and North Dakota. But ac...
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Retirement savings vs. credit card debt

Mar 4, 2011
Question: My husband and I received a little money over the holidays, specifically $1000, and we are trying to determine what the best thing to do...
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Consolidate retirement savings or not

Mar 3, 2011
Question: Hi, Chris. Recently I returned to corporate life after seven years of working for myself. A few years ago I moved my 401(k) account...
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A foreclosure and a 401(k)

Feb 28, 2011
Question: I took money out of my 401K to get my home out of foreclosure because I lost my job. Do I have to pay taxes and penalty on that money?...
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Diversify or consolidate

Feb 17, 2011
Question: Some friends at retirement age have invested all of their savings in one family of mutual funds, a well respected fund (Templeton). My...
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Play catch-up by taking greater risks?

Feb 10, 2011
Question: Chris - At the end of last year, everyone and their dog was predicting major gains in the stock market in 2011 (barring unpredictable...
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The retirement mantra: Diversify, prudence, and save

Feb 2, 2011
Question: I am VERY worried about a financial meltdown in the U.S. because of a coming debt crisis which Congress won't do anything about until...
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