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I-bonds vs TIPS

Apr 13, 2009
Question: I have the opportunity to buy $10,000 worth of I-bonds this year, or $10,000 worth of TIPS in an IRA account. Which is better--or is it...
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I-bonds for Roth?

Apr 10, 2009
Question: I was told by my bank that it is not possible to put I-Bonds in my Roth IRA. If not, why not? I want to make a contribution that will not...
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A tenure decision

Apr 6, 2009
Question: I am an Assistant Professor beginning my tenure process. The short story: depending on the tenure process, this time next year, I may or...
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Retirement vs. student loans

Mar 26, 2009
Question: Hi Chris, my question relates to two subjects: a student-loan for graduate studies and funding my retirement. I am 27 years-old and am...
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Mar 23, 2009
Question: Chris has recommended TIP (Treasury Inflation Protected somethings!) in the past. With the amount of money flowing into the economy from...
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401(k) safety

Mar 12, 2009
Question: The company that manages our 401k plans for my employer has had its rating downgraded by S&P recently due to concern about making its...
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Extra money

Mar 6, 2009
Question: My wife and I have transitioned to using cash to pay for daily expenses versus a credit card. As a result of this transition, we have are...
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Tax-free alternative to 401(k)?

Feb 19, 2009
Question: Hi Chris, Really enjoy your show. I am a retired military living in Germany. I'm presently approaching 66 years old and am told I must...
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Stop making 401(k) contributions?

Feb 10, 2009
Question: Hi Chris - I'm 38 and there's a better than average chance that I won't make the next cut when my company has another layoff. I've always...
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Convert to Roth

Feb 5, 2009
Question: Given the current Federal deficit, and the way the U.S. Government is currently burning through money, it seems like a sure bet that tax...
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