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Inflation and an IRA

Jun 17, 2009
Question: I'm interested in finding a good investment for inflationary times. This would be about 7% of my retirement portfolio; around 10,000 in...
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After-tax retirement savings

Jun 16, 2009
Question: The company I work for offers a 401k, both normal pre-tax contributions and after-tax contributions, and also a Roth-401K. Can you please...
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When is the company match mine?

Jun 12, 2009
Question: I was part of a "downsizing" in late January from an IT software vendor in New York City. During my tenure at the firm I was contributing...
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Borrow to buy land?

Jun 8, 2009
Question: My husband is the primary income, and I work 12 to 15 hours per week from home while I take care of the kids. We have a 5 month emergency...
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A loss on a closed Roth

Jun 5, 2009
Question: I recently closed a ROTH account, feeling that the money could best be used elsewhere, since I still have a fair amount in other...
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A college savings plan?

May 27, 2009
Question: We are in our 30's with three kids ages 7 and under. We live simply and have been able to get by on our income around $24,000 per year,...
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Cut down on 401(K) contributions

May 4, 2009
Question: My husband and I are currently putting 9% of our income into our Roth 401K with a 4% match from his employer. We got a late start in...
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A Roth-IRA conversion in 2010

Apr 28, 2009
Question: As I understand it, Congress has lifted the income limits for Roth IRA roll-overs starting in 2010. How likely do you think it is that...
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401(k) withdrawals

Apr 23, 2009
Question: Has the law been changed to allow employees vested under an employer pension plan (401K) to withdraw up to $10,000 without penalty? I am...
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Transfer retirement savings?

Apr 22, 2009
Question: I know that we're supposed to do an "institution to institution" transfer when we roll over our 401K from one employer's plan to another,...
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