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What to do with an annuity

Sep 18, 2009
Question: I retired in 2007 from a university. My retirement funds are with TIAA-CREF, split roughly in half in 2 annuities. One is a fixed annuity...
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401(k) money

Sep 17, 2009
Question: Do I have to remove my money from my 401k when I retire from my company (UPS) even if I don't need it at the time of retirement? I know I...
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Early withdrawal from 401(k)

Sep 10, 2009
Question: Is it possible to move the majority of my balance in my company's 401k to a self-directed IRA without penalty (or quitting my job)? I'm...
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Retirement savings and taxes

Sep 4, 2009
Question: Hi Chris - my husband and I are in our 50's and trying to plan well for retirement, including how to protect our retirement money from...
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How to protect against inflation

Jul 23, 2009
Question: I hate to see this happen to the Obama administration; however, if you combine the debt created by the Bush era and the deficit spending ...
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The 60 day IRA rule

Jul 20, 2009
Question: This past quarter, I made a series of small withdrawals from my IRA to keep the mortgage and other bills paid. I returned the first draw...
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Variable annuity

Jul 16, 2009
Question: Hi, I know from searching Chris' articles in the past that he's said variable annuities are a bad idea. I recently found out that my dad...
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What is emergency savings

Jul 8, 2009
Question: My husband and I got married recently and we're having a bit of a debate about what constitutes an emergency fund. I believe it is an...
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"Claim and suspend" Social Security

Jun 30, 2009
Question: Is it worthwhile for me to defer receiving Social Security benefits for a few years until I actually need them? I am started receiving...
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IRA contributions

Jun 24, 2009
Question: My 18 year old daughter is graduating high school and going on to college. She has had odd jobs, but has earned no more than $600. I...
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