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Military thrift plan

Oct 28, 2009
Question: Hi, I recently left active duty military service and am trying to decide what to do with my Thrift Savings Plan. I've got about $40k...
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Roth conversion

Oct 22, 2009
Question: My wife has a combined income that is over the limit for a traditional IRA tax deduction or for contributing to Roth directly. We both...
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Rollover IRA

Oct 21, 2009
Question: I was recently laid off and told that because my 401k balance was below 5k I would need to move the money. I do not want to cash out and...
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Participating in 401(k)

Oct 20, 2009
Question: My fiancée has about $40K in student federal loans outstanding and because of that, has yet to contribute to her company's 401k program....
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Required minimum distribution

Oct 13, 2009
Question: What exactly is involved in "distributing" your IRA'a by / at age 70 ½? Beverly, Flagstaff, AZ...
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Too much in retirement savings?

Oct 9, 2009
Question: This may be an odd question in this economy. I've always tried to max out my pre-tax retirement savings. However, I'm wondering if this...
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Investing for retirement

Oct 2, 2009
Question: After many years of false starts, my wife and I will soon be able to finally start saving for retirement. I'm 38 years old, and after...
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A more conservative portfolio

Sep 22, 2009
Question: After listening twice to your recent commentary about Wall Street and having recently read Robert Reich's blog titled 'The Continuing...
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What to do with an annuity

Sep 18, 2009
Question: I retired in 2007 from a university. My retirement funds are with TIAA-CREF, split roughly in half in 2 annuities. One is a fixed annuity...
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401(k) money

Sep 17, 2009
Question: Do I have to remove my money from my 401k when I retire from my company (UPS) even if I don't need it at the time of retirement? I know I...
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