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Roth conversion

Jan 14, 2010
Question: I understand it will be possible to convert an IRA to a Roth IRA without penalty in 2010. Will it be possible to convert any part of the...
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Roth conversion

Jan 11, 2010
Question: I heard your segment about converting to a Roth IRA recently and was wondering if it was possible to convert a Beneficiary IRA to a Roth...
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Online broker and safety

Jan 4, 2010
Question: You give great advice, Chris. Is it safe to open a Roth IRA with a well-known online broker? I need to put my money to work following a...
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Monthly pension benefits into IRA?

Dec 31, 2009
Question: Can monthly pension benefits be deposited directly into an IRA and be treated as a rollover thus deferring taxes? Question: Can monthly...
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Uncertain freelance income

Dec 28, 2009
Question: I freelance as a stage manager for theatre and my year usually pans out where I have work for two months, then am unemployed for two...
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Saving too much

Dec 11, 2009
Question: I was brought up by parents who remembered the Depression, and they taught me frugality. I also got my first job in the early 80's when...
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Join retirement plan

Dec 3, 2009
Question: I recently started back to work part-time now that our two children are older and my husband took a 50% pay cut. I teach as an adjunct...
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Saving for retirement

Dec 1, 2009
Question: I am prevented from contributing to my company's 401(k) because I am a HCE and the average contribution rate is less than 3%. I make just...
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A foreigner and retirement savings

Nov 30, 2009
Question: I am a German scientist and will spend the next 3-4 years in the US to conduct my research. Before I lived about 5 years in the...
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A China bull

Nov 24, 2009
Question: I would like to consider putting a small portion of my retirement (and/or other) investment money in Chinese stocks. Is this a reasonable...
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