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Getting IRA money early

Feb 22, 2010
Question: I've been listening for ages trying to figure out how to continue my life while unemployed without losing my home. Today I finally heard...
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To convert or not to convert

Feb 17, 2010
Question: I have IRAs and am past age 65 and heading quickly towards 70. I understand that when I die, the remaining balance for my beneficiaries...
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Getting started with retirement savings

Feb 12, 2010
Question: Hi! I am a 25 year old female with an entry level, good-paying, secure job. I'm finishing my Master's degree. I have little debt (less...
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Inflation protected securities

Feb 3, 2010
Question: I am enthusiastic about your recommendation to make TIPs a core investment. I appreciate this advice along with many other...
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Company match

Jan 29, 2010
Question: I just bought into this LLC and used all of my savings to do so. I am in the process of re-establishing my emergency fund. I also want to...
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Inflation protection

Jan 21, 2010
Question: If I am concerned about the possibility of inflation, which alternative to choose; TIPS, I-Bonds, or Floating Rate Notes? I am not an...
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Roth conversion tax schedule

Jan 19, 2010
Question: If I convert my traditional IRA's in 2010 do I have the option of paying the tax in just the first year or must it be spread over the...
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Roth conversion

Jan 14, 2010
Question: I understand it will be possible to convert an IRA to a Roth IRA without penalty in 2010. Will it be possible to convert any part of the...
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Roth conversion

Jan 11, 2010
Question: I heard your segment about converting to a Roth IRA recently and was wondering if it was possible to convert a Beneficiary IRA to a Roth...
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Online broker and safety

Jan 4, 2010
Question: You give great advice, Chris. Is it safe to open a Roth IRA with a well-known online broker? I need to put my money to work following a...
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