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Tax exempts for savings

Oct 8, 2010
Question: I'm 58 and hope to partially retire in about 3 years and work part time as an ICU physician until I'm 66 at which time I'll draw a...
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Avoid company 401(k) choices?

Sep 13, 2010
Question: I want to start putting money into a Roth 401k but do not want to invest in mutual funds which is all my company plan provides. What are...
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How much into 401(k)

Sep 8, 2010
Question: So, I'm 20 and just got my first grown-up job as an administrative assistant and designer. I'm being offered a 401K, and after I...
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Getting started on saving for retirement

Sep 1, 2010
Question: I have two questions; the past 3 1/2 years I've had some bad luck a death in the family, family illness, and a divorce. Thinking about...
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Help with parents retirement

Aug 30, 2010
Question: I have a question about retirement - not for me, but for my parents. My dad has been incredibly generous with his money to each of us...
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How much can you save for retirement without investing in stocks?

Aug 27, 2010
What would happen if you didn't put any of your retirement investment money in stocks, and instead stuck with more conservative investments? How...
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Retirement savings

Aug 23, 2010
Question: I found in my "hard copy" documents file a 20-year-old statement from TIAA-CREF, haven't seen it before or probably didn't pay attention...
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Boost retirement savings

Aug 19, 2010
Question: Love your show! It's interesting to hear all the different financial scenarios that are out there and to hear the solutions to each one....
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Early withdrawal from IRA

Aug 10, 2010
Question: I understand there is a thing called 72t that allows a person who quit work after 55 to avoid the 10% penalty for taking a draw from a...
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401(k) and IRA--or not

Aug 6, 2010
Question: Is there any advantage to having both an IRA and a 401k? When I quit my job, the 401k that I had was rolled over into an IRA. When I...
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