How long can the sales last?

Dec 16, 2011
Clearly we've learned 'sale' is the name of the game this year. But how long can the ridiculous discounts possibly last?
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Cashless apps: Shopping without a wallet

Dec 16, 2011
New apps are allowing consumers to use their smartphones to shop and not have to carry a dime. We take one out for a road test.
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The role of the outlet mall

Dec 16, 2011
The Citadel Outlets' owner Steven Craig discusses how his outlet malls are doing in this economy, and how they might fare in the future.
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Marketplace Goes Shopping: A Special Report

Dec 16, 2011
Kai and crew broadcast live from the Citadel Outlets in sunny Commerce, Calif., to find out how shoppers are spending and how retailers are selling during this most-important holiday shopping season.
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Department store restaurants on the rise

Dec 15, 2011
From cafes to high-priced dining, it’s all the about the full shopping experience.
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Get ready for shopping cart GPS

Dec 14, 2011
You'll be tracked in stores. I mean, even more so.
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November retail sales disappoint

Dec 13, 2011
For all the breathless coverage of Black Friday sales this year, the official retail sales data for November came out today and it was, in a word, 'blah.'
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Apple opens Grand Central store

Dec 9, 2011
Drinking the Apple-flavored Kool-Aid.
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Amazon wants you to be a spy

Dec 8, 2011 has a new app that could save you money and hurt small businesses.
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Big-box superstores as bellwether indicators

Dec 8, 2011
Major retailers like Costco and Walmart often act as indicators of the overall economy, because they can reveal trends for what -- and if -- people are buying.
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