All the glamour you can rent

Feb 26, 2007
Did Helen Mirren's handbag catch your fancy? Some of the styles seen on the red carpet on Sunday will be headed to a store near you. Not to buy, but to rent. Nancy Farghalli reports.
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Expect higher prices — it's natural

Feb 22, 2007
The announcement that Whole Foods will pay about $565 million for its smaller rival, Wild Oats, worries commentator Alex Markels. He says the deal will just add to the rising prices of natural foods — like organic kale.
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Wal-Mart preaches diversity to suppliers

Feb 21, 2007
Wal-Mart has approached its major suppliers with another initiative — boosting diversity within their ranks. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Wal-Mart says it will spread the wealth

Feb 19, 2007
As part of its plan to open nine stores in struggling communities in five states, Wal-Mart says it will help nearby small businesses. Is the plan altruism or good business sense? Steve Tripoli reports.
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Ethiopians' dispute with Starbucks keeps brewing

Feb 15, 2007
Starbucks has been accused of blocking Ethiopian farmers' attempts to trademark their coffee beans. A group representing Africa's top coffee growers is now backing the farmers' efforts. Stephen Beard reports.
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Meet the un-Barbie

Feb 15, 2007
A popular Middle Eastern doll made her U.S. debut at the New York Toy Fair this week. Fulla looks a lot like Barbie, but she dresses conservatively, she's studious — and she has no interest in Ken.
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Faux diamonds sparking a gem war

Feb 13, 2007
This Valentine's Day, some consumers are opting for high-quality diamonds produced in a lab. They're cheaper and guilt-free — and the mined diamond industry isn't happy about it.
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Cracking Britain's chewing gum market

Feb 9, 2007
Wrigley has a stranglehold on the U.K's chewing gum market, but Cadbury Schweppes has spent the past year formulating a plan — and gum — to win over British consumers.
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Getting into the ring over cockfighting

Feb 9, 2007
Amazon carries two cockfighting magazines on its site, so the Humane Society is suing the online retail giant. Amazon refuses to take them down as a matter of free speech.
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If you still want that Prius . . .

Feb 8, 2007
The hybrid Prius is a bit of a harder sell today than it was last year, when inflated gas prices inspired greener-minded car buyers. Sarah Gardner reports on Toyota's push to increase sales.
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