Mall goes shopping for public funds

Apr 19, 2007
The nation's biggest shopping mall in Minnesota, with more than 500 stores and an amusement park, wants to get bigger. And it wants the government to pay for some of the expansion. Annie Baxter reports.
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It's a British retail invasion

Apr 18, 2007
A major new competitor looms on the horizon for U.S. convenience stores and markets. British super-retailer Tesco is about to open stores here and analysts say it could pose a legitimate threat.
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Our very own vending-machine price index

Apr 12, 2007
Here are the latest economic indicators from our office vending machine: corn chips, up 10%; soda, up a dime; tiny donuts, up 30 cents! So we called economist Dan Basse to find out what's going on.
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Not the usual retail Gap

Apr 12, 2007
While some retailers aren't expecting to report great numbers, Gap had none of that negativity — which is a pretty big change. Amy Scott reports the company may be recovering some of its lost luster.
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Will pet food makers be on a shorter leash?

Apr 12, 2007
At a congressional hearing today, Senators heard calls for more inspections of pet food. John Dimsdale reports.
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Rethink those summer driving plans

Apr 11, 2007
Gas futures jumped 3 cents a gallon today after the government reported a sharp drop in the nation's gasoline inventories. Still, our John Dimsdale found some good news in the report.
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Puma races into luxury

Apr 10, 2007
Analysts say it could be a perfect fit. French luxury group PPR has made a buyout offer to add German sportswear maker Puma to a retail collection that includes Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent — and Puma is happy to accept.
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Five-finger discounts come out of your pocket

Apr 5, 2007
A national Internet database being launched on Monday will help retailers defend their products against in-store theft. Jeff Tyler looks at the hidden costs consumers pay for shoplifters.
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From rice to riches for Uncle Ben

Mar 30, 2007
Uncle Ben, of instant rice fame, isn't just Uncle Ben anymore. In a new marketing campaign, he's now chairman of the board. Amy Scott reports that the makeover is getting mixed reviews.
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Looking for marked-down employees

Mar 28, 2007
The once high-flying Circuit City chain announced a major restructuring plan. It will replace more than 3,000 employees with people who'll work for less. Amy Scott reports.
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