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Toy companies getting testy

Sep 10, 2007
Disney and Toys "R" Us are among the companies hiring engineers to test toys at random from off the shelves. This will add a layer of security -- and most likely a layer of cost. Alisa Roth reports.
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China not manned enough for safety

Sep 10, 2007
Beijing safety regulators are meeting in Washington today to discuss China's need to ensure safety of its products. As Scott Tong reports, the problem with fulfilling these mandates may come from the country's lack of manpower.
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Congress not toying around on imports

Sep 7, 2007
Lawmakers will hold hearings later this month into why so many tainted Chinese imports have been showing up on store shelves. Mattel CEO Bob Eckert and a government agency will be on the hot seat. Janet Babin reports.
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'This is a museum first'

Sep 6, 2007
A recent report called the Smithsonian gift shops underperforming and poorly run, so the museum is considering outsourcing them. But the folks doing the job now say they're being unfairly compared to commercial retailers. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Sticker shock in the bread aisle

Sep 5, 2007
Wheat prices have hit a record high. The immediate reason is bad weather in western Europe, Australia and parts of the U.S. But John Dimsdale reports there are long-term trends that will keep wheat expensive for a while.
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Mattel's prospects not so swell

Sep 5, 2007
When we heard about the latest Mattel recall of 800,000 imported Chinese toys, we asked some consumers to tell us their reactions. Their responses could be Mattel CEO Bob Eckert's worst nighmare.
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Another Mattel recall makes three

Sep 5, 2007
Mattel has announced yet another recall of toys made in its factories in China. That's the third time in five weeks, but some in the industry are saying don't be too quick to put the blame on Chinese factories.
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Low prices come with low wages

Aug 29, 2007
What'd you pay for that grill? As you enjoy a long weekend and Labor Day barbeques, Robert Reich suggests you think about how we as a nation traded in a unionized workforce with the bargaining clout to get higher wages for cheap goods and services.
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Coming soon: Small-Mart

Aug 27, 2007
Wal-Mart's on the lookout for an executive to help shape a smaller-store strategy, and analysts have been expecting Wal-Mart to get bigger by going smaller with their new stores. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Retailers try return policy on their stock

Aug 24, 2007
Things seem to be falling apart at the seams for some of this country's biggest clothing retailers. Ann Taylor posted a 27% decline in profits, and the Gap is cutting 2,200 jobs with sales down 5%. But both announced big stock buybacks. Why? Stacey Vanek-Smith found out.
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