Sunflowers in bloom at Shawn Kravitch's remodeled home in East Hollywood.

Scoring a home run with a spring renovation

Apr 10, 2015
What to do when your dream home needs sprucing up.
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Two women walk past a 'For Sale' sign in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Mortgage program rates due to reset this year

Jan 27, 2015
What will it mean for homeowners?
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The rise of the refi

Oct 11, 2013
Americans used to believe that when you retired, your house should be paid off. That was, of course, before the refinancing boom.
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Housing is back, so why the mortgage layoffs?

Sep 24, 2013
The S&P Case Shiller home price index indicates that housing prices continue to recover.
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Mortgage refinance slowdown leads to bank layoffs

Sep 10, 2013
Bank employees face layoffs as the latest refinancing era comes to an end.
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The trouble with refinancing a student loan

Feb 18, 2013
So why can't students cash in on these crazy low interest rates, anyway?
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Refinancing my mortgage is easy: How about my student loans?

Feb 15, 2013
Campus Progress wants students to be able to take advantage of low interest rates available for mortgages and car loans.
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Low interest rates boost auto refinancing

Jan 17, 2013
Like homeowners, car owners are taking advantage of low interest rates to refinance high-cost auto loans.
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Cash flow liberated by refinancing

May 18, 2012
My wife and I recently refinanced our home. We paid off the home equity line and the existing mortgage, and now our monthly payments are $500 less than they were previously. What should we do with these savings? Thank you. Jeff, Amherst, MA
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