Now with 50 percent less Bitcoin: This week's Silicon Tally

Dec 20, 2013
$9600, 1 billion and 80 percent. What do these numbers mean? Take the quiz and find out!
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Quiz: How does the U.S. stack up to other countries in competitiveness?

Aug 14, 2013
In which category does the U.S. rank first in the Global Competitiveness Report?
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Globalist Quiz: Poverty in America versus the rest of the world

Jan 31, 2013
With nearly 50 million Americans living beneath the poverty line, we put poverty into perspective with today's quiz.
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Globalist Quiz: The high price of natural disasters

Jan 29, 2013
Three months after 'Superstorm' Sandy ripped through the Northeast, the Senate has approved $50 billion in emergency relief. The high cost of natural disasters is the subject of today's quiz.
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The record of peace in the European Union

Dec 11, 2012
The European Union, and the euro -- for all its faults -- has been credited with keeping the continent relatively peaceful of late. And European peace is the subject of our quiz this morning.
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QUIZ: What do you know about poverty in America?

Oct 29, 2012
We ran the numbers on poverty in the U.S. -- from the number of Americans on food stamps to the unemployment rate for African-Americans. Take our 10-question quiz to see how much you know.
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Which troubled eurozone nation are you?

Dec 15, 2011
What do you do when faced with a debt crisis? Get thrifty or look the other way? Take our quiz to find out which eurozone nation best matches your personality.
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QUIZ: Do you have what it takes to work in a call center?

Aug 4, 2011
Ever wondered the best time to call customer service so you don't have to wait on hold so long? While reporting on a story for Marketplace, I pu...
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QUIZ: Men, women and the laundry room

Apr 21, 2011
Clorox marketing exec Heidi Dorosin made a brief appearance in my Marketplace story on laundry detergents with fewer petrochemicals. A little off...
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QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Eco-Labels

Jan 27, 2011
Being a green consumer can be difficult when there are over 400 eco-labels to wade through that identify everything from saving energy to being v...
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