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Hold up on aid threatens for-profit college

Jun 20, 2014
A delay in receiving students' federal grants could sink Corinthian Colleges
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Report finds low graduation rates, but high federal aid

Jun 18, 2014
A report identifies colleges where most students drop out, many drowning in debt.
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'Trump University' sued for $40 million by New York attorney general

Aug 26, 2013
Donald Trump's for-profit university made false claims according to New York's attorney general.
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University of Phoenix tries to grow some ivy

Jan 17, 2013
The for-profit, online university is offering a class taught by academia's A-list in a move to boost its ailing reputation
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For-profit college dropouts take wage hit

Aug 29, 2012
A new study indicates that students who drop out of for-profit colleges fare worse in terms of pay than those who quit community colleges.
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New rules on for-profit colleges overturned

Jul 2, 2012
Judge says requirement that graduates must be able to repay student loans is arbitrary
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For-profit colleges face new rules

Jul 2, 2012
Under new rules, they must prove their former students can earn enough to cover their students loans.
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For-profit educator expected to report lower profits

Mar 26, 2012
Analysts are bearish on the for-profit educator as traditional universities step up competition.
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For-profit schools try to talk a better game

Mar 12, 2012
They're looking into trading their business-y jargon for education speak in hopes of taking the "for-profit" perception out of for-profit colleges and universities.
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For-profit schools add to record student-loan debt

Mar 7, 2012
University budget cuts are driving more students to for-profit colleges, but the debt load there is often higher and future prospects slimmer.
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