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Private equity explained

Jan 13, 2012
Private equity funds are groups of investors that flip companies for a profit. It’s the technique they use that makes them special, as senior producer Paddy Hirsch explains.
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Private equity: Job killer or creator?

Jan 12, 2012
Professor Joshua Rauh at Northwestern University explains what private equity is, and what impact it has on the job market.
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Private equity hits the political spotlight

Jan 10, 2012
Mitt Romney’s role as founder of Bain Capital has prompted rivals to criticize him for destroying jobs. What exactly do private equity firms do?
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Irony Watch: Atkins diet food company sold to owners of Carvel ice cream, Cinnabon

Dec 10, 2010
Atkins Nutritional Holdings, the company best-known for the low-carb Atkins diet, has new owners. And they have a sweet tooth....
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