Distracted driving, domestic drones, and a camera faster than the speed of light

Dec 14, 2011
A busy day for technology: The transportation board wants to ban cell phones and driving altogether; unmanned drones are possibly being used to spy on the U.S.; and a camera can now capture light particles.
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Facebook photo bug

Dec 7, 2011
A bug? On Facebook?
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Franken expands Carrier IQ investigation

Dec 6, 2011
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Is Carrier IQ spying on you?

Dec 2, 2011
Hidden software in millions of smartphones appears to log keystrokes.
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Privacy Scare for Android

Dec 1, 2011
Learn this name: Carrier IQ
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Get paid to share your data

Dec 1, 2011
Could this be the future of social networking?
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Amazon’s Kindle Fire faces more questions about privacy

Dec 1, 2011
How much information does the Kindle Fire's browser collect and what is Amazon doing with it?
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Your HP printer won't burst into flames, but you still have reasons to worry

Nov 30, 2011
New research indicates common peripherals are highly hackable.
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Facebook settles with FTC

Nov 30, 2011
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Will Facebook get serious about online privacy?

Nov 29, 2011
Facebook settled a case today with the FTC over whether the site violated users' personal privacy by sharing their information with advertisers and others without the users' consent. But will it force Facebook to change its ways?
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