When doctors prescribe brand-name drugs over generics, the taxpayers foot the bill

Nov 18, 2013
A new analysis by ProPublica finds that many doctors in the U.S. prescribe brand-name drugs to Medicare patients when generics can be dramatically cheaper -- and it's costing taxpayers hundreds of millions a year.
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FDA wants tighter restrictions on hydrocodone

Oct 25, 2013
The FDA recommends making hydrocodone a Schedule II narcotic, like its more powerful relative, oxycodone.
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Court says deals to protect drug patents can be challenged

Jun 17, 2013
Makers of patented drugs sometimes pay generic drug makers not to copy their drugs when they go off patent, allowing them to keep charging high prices. The U.S. Supreme Court says the FTC can challenge such deals.
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How Medicare Part D changed the drug industry

May 22, 2013
The prescription drug plan has created millions of senior customers for the pharmaceutical industry over ten years.
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Map: You may be paying way more for birth control

May 3, 2013
It pays to shop around for prescription drugs.
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A warning about the price of generic drugs

Mar 8, 2013
Drug manufacturers can charge very different prices for essentially the same generic medicine.
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FDA urges drug companies to make a safer pain killer

Jan 29, 2013
With addiction to pain pills at epidemic levels, the Food and Drug Adminstration is taking action
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What's so bad about off-label uses of medication?

Jul 3, 2012
GlaxoSmithKline, the huge British drug-maker, will pay $3 billion in fines and compensation to the U.S. government and the states. They are in trouble for marketing drugs for off-label uses of its drugs.
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Major pain-advocacy group dissolves

May 9, 2012
The American Pain Foundation abruptly closes its doors on the heels of a government investigation into the epidemic of painkiller abuse.
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Major pharmacy chains expected to merge this week

Apr 2, 2012
Express Scripts is looking to close a deal to takeover Medco Health Solutions this week. The combined companies will handle the prescription drugs of 135 million Americans. What effect will that have on pharmacy drug prices?
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