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Could credit affect getting hired for a job?

Oct 20, 2010
More and more, companies are using credit reports to check up on employees and job applicants. Should this become an accepted practice? John Dimsdale reports on what the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is planning to do about it.
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Saving Superstars: 10 Tips for Saving a Buck

Oct 15, 2010
Nicole Elovitz calls herself "the greatest saver that she knows." She and her husband, Mitch, have already saved thousands of dollars for their ...
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How do we measure standards of living?

Oct 14, 2010
Are regular economic indicators still the best way to measure our economy? In our latest Economy 4.0 report, David Brancaccio investigates into why alternative indicators might be moving into the mainstream.
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Troubled homeowners head to convention for help

Oct 8, 2010
Although some banks have just announced they're temporarily halting foreclosures, many homeowners are still in trouble and in need of answers. A non-profit group in L.A. tries to help.
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Don't give in to those hidden fees

Oct 8, 2010
Fees -- many of them hidden -- are everywhere these days. But that doesn't mean we have to give in to them. It pays to be a fee hawk, says commentator Chris Farrell, and it's time the government helps us out too.
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The changing attitude about prepaid debit cards

Oct 8, 2010
As trust in banks falters and Americans try to budget their costs, many are turning to prepaid debit cards, where they can put up the money upfront and watch what they spend. But are they really a better alternative to credit cards?
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What are the odds of winning the lottery?

Oct 1, 2010
Winning the lottery seems like a once-in-a-fairy-tale-lifetime chance, right? So how come some winners hit the jackpot more than once? Tess ponders the stats.
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Rejecting retirement with "nevertirement"

Oct 1, 2010
While many Americans are toiling with saving for retirement, a number of wealthy Brits are choosing instead to be "nevertirees" -- rejecting retirement altogether to keep working, all for pleasure.
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TIAA-CREF CEO on the future of retirement

Oct 1, 2010
Retirement security has changed immensely since the Great Recession -- it looks now that many Americans have not saved enough. Hosts Tess Vigeland and Kai Ryssdal speak to Roger Ferguson, president and CEO of TIAA-CREF, about the future.
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How to ask for a raise, even in a recession

Sep 30, 2010
Thanks to the down economy, it's an employers market. But some workers are still in a position to ask for a raise or more fringe benefits. Alison Green from the blog "Ask a Manager" share tips and suggestions to help you make your case.
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