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Price of orange juice squeezes consumers

Jul 27, 2015
At $6 a gallon, it's the most expensive ever.
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The cost of orange juice is too damn high

Aug 19, 2014
...And other reasons orange juice sales are at their lowest since 2002.
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PODCAST: Another ACA delay

Mar 5, 2014
The makers of the SAT have a new college admissions test. And Americans are drinking less and less orange juice.
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Abandoning orange juice

Mar 5, 2014
Americans are drinking 40 percent less orange juice.
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Orange is the new caviar?

Dec 12, 2013
A disease called greening is pushing OJ prices up and could keep pushing them up
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The not-so-simple pleasure of orange juice

Feb 5, 2013
At Coca-Cola, there's no such thing as a simple glass of orange juice.
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Orange juice prices on the rise thanks to 'perfect storm'

Jan 12, 2012
It has been a rough year for oranges -- first in Florida, and now in Brazil. The lack of the fruit is now causing orange juice prices to rise.
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OJ squeeze?

Jan 10, 2012
The wholesale price of orange juice hit a 34-year high on news the FDA is testing for an illegal fungicide reportedly found in the juice of oranges imported from Brazil.
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