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Midwest oil damages more than land

Aug 18, 2008
Oil drillers have been descending on farms in the Midwest to sink new wells, and that's making some farmers rich. But it's also damaging the environment and wrecking other farmers' lives. Peter O'Dowd reports.
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Nature has a hand in natural gas costs

Aug 15, 2008
The price of natural gas is down. But it's not just because of lower crude oil prices or word that three states will provide new supplies. Dan Grech reports on an unexpected factor in the availability of the important fuel.
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Why oil prices soar and dip

Aug 14, 2008
Oil is an especially volatile commodity this year. First it soared to record prices, now it's going the other way. Host Kai Ryssdal asks an oil expert to help sort this out. You might be surprised by this expert's prediction.
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Inflation hits 17-year high

Aug 14, 2008
The July Consumer Price Index rose more than expected, as the average weekly earnings fell in the same month. But how does that mesh with plummeting home prices? Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Offshore drilling proposal gains ground

Aug 13, 2008
A group of Senate moderates are in agreement about a proposal that would allow some offshore drilling. John Dimsdale has details on the compromise plan and talked with a few experts about it.
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Russian petro-confidence seen in war

Aug 11, 2008
How will the war in Georgia affect Europe, which gets 25 percent of its oil from Russia? Host Kai Ryssdal turns to a European and Eurasian expert to find out.
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Georgia conflict could hurt oil

Aug 11, 2008
Heavy fighting in Georgia could do damage to a crucial oil pipeline supplying Western Europe. Scott Jagow talks to Stephen Beard about why the pipeline is important and why it's so vulnerable.
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Oil could reach much, much higher

Aug 8, 2008
Oil may be down at the moment, but in a study out today, a British energy expert is warning crude oil prices could swoop back up to recent highs. Stephen Beard reports the world could be facing an oil crisis very soon.
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Gas highs don't benefit station owners

Aug 7, 2008
You would think that as gas prices continue to climb, gas station owners would be raking it in. But times are just as tough on the side managing the pump. Alisa Roth reports many station owners are just getting by.
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Corn prices pop ADM's ethanol profits

Aug 6, 2008
Rising costs have driven Archer Daniels Midland, the world's largest grain processor, to plan a move away from corn as the primary component in its ethanol production. Dan Grech reports.
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