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Even Dubai feels economic pain

Nov 11, 2008
Dubai's dream of having the biggest and best of everything was believed to be impervious to global economic slowdown, but Kelly McEvers reports there are signs the city is feeling economic malaise too.
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BP focuses on U.S. wind energy

Nov 7, 2008
BP has dropped its plans to build an onshore wind farm in the U.K. and will now spend billions of dollars on wind energy in the U.S. Stephen Beard reports why the company is drawn to westward initiatives.
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America needs modern industries

Nov 4, 2008
In the most recent issue of Harper's, Eric Janszen, founder of, calls for a broad re-industrialization of the American economy. Kai Ryssdal talks with him about putting strength back into the country.
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Is the ethanol industry tanking?

Nov 3, 2008
Ethanol's future as alternative fuel isn't looking so bright right now. Goldman Sachs has abandoned analysis of the industry and the largest publicly traded producer has filed for bankruptcy protection. Steve Henn has more.
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What a temptress cheaper gas is

Oct 29, 2008
When gas prices increased, so did noble things like public transportation ridership and sales of fuel-efficient cars. Now that gas prices are sliding, have bad habits returned? Senior Business Correspondent Bob Moon reports.
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Russian power and dropping oil prices

Oct 27, 2008
As oil prices increased, so did Russia's stock and status. Now that oil is slumping, Russia's position and power on the international stage are diminishing. Stephen Beard has the story.
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Corn falls in lock step with oil

Oct 27, 2008
The price of corn is falling with the price of oil. While this is good news for developing countries that integrate corn into their diets, U.S. consumers may not see the price drop so quickly. Steve Henn reports.
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OPEC cuts production as prices tumble

Oct 24, 2008
OPEC ministers meeting in Vienna announced a 1.5-million barrel cut in oil production to try to drive up prices on the international market. Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale reports.
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Cheap oil bad for renewable energy

Oct 24, 2008
The days of gas below $3 a gallon are fast returning, but this doesn't necessarily bode well across the board. Sarah Gardner reports falling oil and gas prices undercut the incentive for renewable energy projects.
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Russia, OPEC explore oil solutions

Oct 23, 2008
Russia met with OPEC to discuss ways of leveling out the cost of oil, as oil is now so low it could make production and investment unprofitable. Megan Williams reports it's unlikely Russia would agree to cut production.
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