Shell reports substantial quarterly drop

Jan 29, 2009
Shell posted a huge drop in quarterly earnings, coming down from last year, where the company made the biggest corporate profit in European history. Stephen Beard reports the dwindling price of oil is bad news for the company.
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Bolivian farmers fueled up by soybeans

Jan 27, 2009
Short on diesel, Bolivian farmers want to use soybean biofuel to keep running. Using food to produce fuel is illegal in Bolivia right now, but that hasn't stopped them from banding together. Annie Murphy reports.
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Russia, Ukraine work out pipeline kinks

Jan 20, 2009
Russia began pumping natural gas again, ending a two-week streak where 20 countries in the continent lost supplies. A contract with Ukraine helped patch up the issue, but not bruised reputations. Stephen Beard reports.
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Gas prices sneaking back up again

Jan 16, 2009
The average price of a gallon of gas has jumped about 17 cents in the past month. The main factor in the price hike is a cut in refiners' supply. But Dan Grech reports the gas price hike could just be temporary.
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Investment banks hoarding oil

Jan 9, 2009
Fifty million barrels of oil are just sitting around on supertankers. They're not getting unloaded because investors are waiting for the price of oil to go up. Mitchell Hartman explains.
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Asphalt shortage makes recovery rough

Jan 6, 2009
President-elect Obama wants to spend nearly $300 billion on infrastructure projects to create jobs and boost the ailing economy. But road and bridge repairs will require a lot of asphalt, and as Joel Rose reports, a shortage of it could spell trouble.
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Cheap oil puts Venezuela over a barrel

Jan 6, 2009
High oil prices have kept Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez popular over the years. But with oil prices falling and a stack of bills piling up, the Venezuelan economy is at risk of collapsing. Dan Grech reports.
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Europe low on fuel without Russian gas

Jan 6, 2009
The dispute between Russia and Ukraine is heating up. While the two countries fight over the price of natural gas and an unpaid bill, several European nations are caught in the middle. Stephen Beard reports that many nations are warning of fuel shortages.
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Ethanol you can brew at home

Jan 2, 2009
If you're done drinking for a while, why not turn your extra libations into fuel? Rachel Dornhelm explores a machine that turns alcohol and sugar waste into food for your car, and whether it can save you money over the long haul.
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A volatile market for home heating oil

Dec 30, 2008
Prices for home heating oil looked like they were only going to continue rising this past summer, so many customers locked in winter contracts. Now, heating oil's dropped to less than $2.50. Kai Ryssdal speaks with oil retailer Peter Bourne about how his customers are feeling and how his business is doing.
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